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Car Delivery Services to Sabah and Sarawak

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Below are the 6 steps of car delivery services to Sarawak, Sabah via Port Klang, Port Kuching & Port Kota Kinabalu.

6 Steps Before Shipping

Pilih Kontena atau Roro

1. Use of Containers Or RORO

The car delivery process to Sarawak, Sabah & Peninsula has 2 types of options

It either uses containers or RORO. If the car is shipped using a container, the shipped car will be with the goods shipped by you.

As for the use of RORO, it carries only the delivered car without other items. For these two options whether container or RORO, it has different price costs.

Sebut Harga

2. Postage Price Inquiry Car Shipping Cost

Cost inquiry for car delivery to Sarawak, Sabah & Peninsula.

This is to manage the business to provide a letter to the bank. It can indirectly complete the process for discharge.

The information required before sending the car to Sarawak, Sabah & the Peninsula to be given to OCANIA is as listed below:

  • Car registration number
  • Car Brands and Models
  • Address (Applicant)
Penghantaran kereta ke Sarawak - Surat Perlepasan Bank

3. Letter Applying for Relief from the Bank (Official Letter)

A letter requesting relief from the bank is required for cars that are still tied to a loan with the bank. The process to make a letter applying for clearance from this bank is used for car delivery to Sarawak, Sabah & Peninsula.

You must prepare a letter to be sent to the bank for the purpose of applying for car delivery to Sarawak, Sabah & Peninsula. OCANIA will help you in terms of how to prepare the official letter.

For cars that have already paid off, this letter of clearance is not required. It is subject to cars that are still tied to a bank loan only.

Proses Permohonan Surat

4. Process For Letter Application

Prepare the documents as below and send to the Bank for application for a letter of release.

  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Letter from OCANIA
  • Car Shipping Cost List (Provided by OCANIA)
  • Letter requesting bank clearance (If the car is still tied to a bank loan)

The bank will ask you to fill in a permission form for car delivery to Sarawak, Sabah & the Peninsula. Within 3 working days, the bank will issue a letter of authorization that allows you to send the car.

Dokumen yang diperlukan

5. List of Documents to be Prepared

Send the completed documents to OCANIA. After obtaining the letter of permission from the bank to send the car, you send the document together with the list of documents below to OCANIA: –

  • Copy of Consent from the Bank
  • Copy of the Car Grant
  • Copy of Identity Card for Car Owners.
  • Preparation before sending the car from the Peninsula to Sabah Sarawak or from Sabah Sarawak to the Peninsula.
Pemeriksaan Kenderaan anda

6. Inspect the Delivered Car

Before the car delivery services to Sarawak, Sabah & Peninsula, OCANIA will check that the car that has been sent by you is in safe status.

The company will also ensure that there are no valuables in the car. This, indirectly makes the process of sending cars to Sarawak, Sabah & the Peninsula safer.

You are requested to make sure the type of vehicle is sent through the order booking form to make it easier for our technical team to identify the functions of your car.

Process Flow Method

Process Flow Chart

Note: –

  1. Storage of export vehicles is only allowed to be stored in the yard (VTC) 7 days prior to the date the ship sails. This period includes the process of clearance of Customs documents.
  2. For the import period, the period given is only 3 days to be stored in the yard (VTC) after the arrival of the ship to the destination. This period includes Customs form clearance documents.

Straits Challenger

Checklist Before Shipping the Car

Before sending your car to OCANIA, make sure the required documents are prepared properly for the smooth delivery of the car to Sarawak & Delivery of the car to Sabah.

  1. Choose a legitimate and trusted Car Shipping Company.
  2. Get the value of the shipping cost from the company.
  3. Prepare an official letter to apply to the bank for car delivery. (If the car still has a loan with the bank)
  4. Send the required documents along with an official letter to the bank for application.
  5. Obtain a letter of permission from the bank to send the car.
  6. Make sure all the information in the document is correct for this matter.

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**PORT TO PORT: Customers can deliver the vehicle to our OCANIA operator at the Port within 7 days prior to the departure date (RORO). The last receipt of the vehicle to our operator is 36 hours before the departure date (RORO).

**DOOR TO DOOR: OCANIA will pick up the vehicle at the customer’s premises through the car transport company within 7 days prior to the departure date.

**VEHICLE DEPARTURE: During Customs clearance, customers need to pick up the vehicle within 3 days. Any delay beyond the stipulated time will be subject to a vehicle savings charge of RM8.00 per day.