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**PORT TO PORT: Customers can deliver the vehicle to our Ocania operator at the Port within 7 days prior to the departure date (RORO). The last receipt of the vehicle to our operator is 36 hours before the departure date (RORO).

**DOOR TO DOOR: Ocania will pick up the vehicle at the customer’s premises through the car transport company within 7 days prior to the departure date.

**VEHICLE DEPARTURE: During Customs clearance, customers need to pick up the vehicle within 3 days. Any delay beyond the stipulated time will be subject to a vehicle savings charge of RM8.00 per day.

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Car Shipping Schedule for Car Shipping to Sabah, Ship Car from KL to Sarawak Price & Semenanjung can be made online or you can also call Call/WhatsApp ( +60 12-317 3405 ) Nurul Syafiqah for any inquiries before booking.

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