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Are you facing any issues conducting business in Sarawak?

Sarawak Transport Service, Logistics Solutions

We at Ocania Sdn Bhd offer a range of services to clients looking to establish operations in Sarawak, including logistics, delivery, supply chain management, consulting, and advisory services.

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About Us


Ocania Sdn Bhd offers a comprehensive door-to-door logistics and delivery platform, facilitating cross-border transportation via LAND, SEA, & AIR routes.

In Sarawak, we offer specialized services for clients from the peninsula who need assistance with logistics, delivery, and other business-related matters.

For deliveries to remote areas inaccessible by conventional vehicles like trucks, cars, and motorbikes, we also offer an air network through helipads and river route deliveries.

Our company is registered under the Business, Profession, and Licensed Trade Ordinance, holding the reference number ( 202201009792 ), for operations in the Kuching district.

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Access Our Advice Services

If you require advisory services for business operations in the state of Sarawak, we are prepared to assist you.

Sarawak Transport Service & Logistics Solution

We accept various logistics and delivery services in Sarawak to facilitate the launch of your work process.

Delivery Service
Delivery Service

We manage local delivery, import, and export of diverse goods like vehicles, food, and raw materials, offering integrated, efficient, and reliable logistics solutions for various needs. – Sarawak Transport Service

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Office House Move

We provide home and office moving services, including transportation, packing, and arranging goods at the new location, to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving process. – Sarawak Transport Service

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Vehicle Towing

Sarawak Transport Service offers round-the-clock vehicle towing, swiftly transporting damaged or abandoned vehicles to workshops or safe spots, ensuring efficient emergency aid.

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Truck Rental

Sarawak Transport Service offers versatile truck and container rental solutions for both business and personal needs, ensuring flexible, affordable long-distance transport and storage.

NAFAS Shipment

Our Customer

“Providing Immediate Delivery Services for NAFAS Events in Kuching, Sarawak.”

Handling the air transport of 15 types of goods, weighing a total of 848.98kg, from Petaling Jaya, Selangor to Kuching, Sarawak.

National Farmers Organization (NAFAS)
Kuching, Sarawak

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Exploring Kuching’s Ongoing Economic Growth Phase

Kuching’s development efforts generally focus on enhancing infrastructure, urbanization, tourism, economic growth, and sustainability initiatives, while also improving education and healthcare, preserving culture, and advancing digitalization.

Ensure to Examine Your Assigned Scope of Work Carefully

Please review your scope of work for Services in Sarawak. For discussions or any further questions, you can directly contact Mohd Yazid at Call/WhatsApp (+60 11-5320 0910).

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